02 November, 2012

Quilled rain of colors 20/30 cm


  1. hello dear otilia, I really enjoyed watching your beautiful works on fb. I have a question if you help me please, are these beautiful creations water proof or not ? do you apply some polish on them? if yes, what kind of polish do you use? I will be glad if you answer me, thank you very much

    1. No, my works are not waterproof. I know they are not as durable as if they were. There are quillers that use quilling varnish, but you cannot use it for every quilling model because it makes your work look wet and I think not so nice. I would only use it for jewelry, and as I know it does not rain too much in people´s homes so I guess it will be somehow protected.

  2. Hi this is deepa, ur quilling arts are very nice

  3. The colours you use are just perfect! Lovely, lovely creations andvery inspiring! Thank You X

  4. super.. looking very nice..i lyk this so much