05 December, 2015

Quilling Green and White


  1. You are rolling masterpieces, from far it looks as if some flowers were painted with watercolours!

  2. I get so excited any time I see a new project posted here - no exception for sure! Just beautiful!!!!! KASIA

  3. Your flowers frames are great. But I am curious how you get it framed. As for me the framing people say that if quilling work height on frame is more than 5mm its difficult for them to frame it. I hope some of your guidance I may be able to convince them that framing is possible.

    1. I always prepare the frame first and then create the flowers and leaves and at the end I glue them on the frame. When I frame my work I do not cover it, so it doesn´t matter the height of my work. If you want to have it covered you need a shadow box and indeed it´s more difficult to find and they are usually expensive. I personally prefer my work without glass on it because it looks better.
      You can watch this tutorial to see how I frame my work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsRzbfHQ2oI